The Morning Dump – April 1st

What pranks will Google pull for April Fools? The Morning Dump – BI


Apple Loses Another Round With The USPTO

Apple has lost another round with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) late yesterday. The Office ruled in against Apple regarding the a patent which covers an iPhone or iPad’s ability to tell if the user is using one or more fingers in a gesture on the screen. This does not mean Apple loses it, but they will have to submit an answer to defend why they should keep it. Samsung has notified Judge Koh of the USPTO’s rejection as the patent was used in the ongoing Apple v Samsung case. – GigaOM

USPTO ‘Tentatively’ Invalidated Apple Patent

The United State Patent and Trademark Office has tentatively invalidated a key Apple patent involved in the Samsung case. “Claim 19″ of patent 7469381, which covers the ” rubber band” feature, was invalidated on two counts, both of which were because of prior art that allegedly existed before Apple filed. Either one could be enough reason to throw out that part of the patent.FOSS Patents