The Morning Dump – August 21st

Stanford B-School drop-out Steve Ballmer to return as Professor. The Morning Dump – BI

Stanford team makes breakthrough in battery technology

Battery technology and the ability to store power in large quantities is the holy grail for society. A team at Stanford University lead by Steven Chu, former Secretary of Energy for President Obama, have made a break through that could lead to battery density increases by 5-6X. Think of a cellphone that lasts for a week on a charge, or a Tesla that can go from LA to Seattle on a single charge. More on the technology here

Stanford Researchers Develop First All-Carbon Solar Cell

Researchers at Stanford have developed the first all carbon based solar cell. The device was produced relatively inexpensively, but no details were given. The only down is the cells are only 1% efficient in lab conditions at converting sunlight into energy. This will be improved over time as happens with all solar cell advances. The cells are flexible and durable meaning they might be ideal for rugged environments – Engadget

Stanford Team Working to Develop Carbon Nanotube Computer

A team of engineers at Stanford University is working to overcome the barriers to develop carbon nanotube computers. The group is making slow but steady progress, first in overcoming the inability to align the tubes end to end and next resolving issues with metallic contaminants which effect the circuits. The team has found an “imperfection-immune” way of designing nanotube circuits that removes metallic contaminants and is unaffected by misaligned tubes – Engadget