The Morning Dump – Feb 25th

Who introduced the first folding phone? The Morning Dump – BI

FAA Predicts Future of Suborbital Reusable Vehicles

The FAA has issued a research report discussing the ten year forecast for Suborbital Reusable Vehicles (SRVs). Suborbital Reusable Vehicles (SRVs) are designed to go to space without achieving orbit and will be used primarily for commercial human spaceflight. The report has a wide range of predictions on the number of seats that will be flown beginning next year. The seat number range from a low of 373 in 2013 to a high of 1096 – FAA

China to Launch First Female Astronaut

China is preparing to launch its first female astronaut into space on Satursday. Liu Yang is a major in the People’s Liberation Army and has been in China’s the astronaut core for two years. Yang and her two colleagues; mission commander Jing Haipeng, 45, and Liu Wang, 43 — will take off at 6.37 pm (1037 GMT) in the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft from the Jiuquan  in northern China’s Gobi desert – Discovery News

Chinese Manned Space Program Moves Ahead

China is apparently moving ahead with its manned space program. The last launch for the Chinese was 2008, but they will probably make another launch soon. In September of last year the Tiangong 1 Space Station module was launched and has since been docked with using an unmanned module. It is expected this manned flight will dock and visit the space station. More modules are due to be added over the next decade with the station becoming fully operation about 2020 – Slashgear