Mobile Android Data Usage Averages 870MB/Month

NPD Connected Intelligence¬†has determined the average Android user consumer 870MB of data over cellular networks a month and about 2.5 GB over Wi-Fi. The number indicate user prefer to use the faster Wi-Fi for the more data intensive applications, video, etc. which should come as a surprise to no one. NPD’s cellular vs. Wi-Fi usage statistics are broken down by age. NPD found that 18-24 year olds used the most cellular data of any age group, at 1.05 GB per month. Users aged 55 or older used the least cellular data, just 750 MB per month. For Wi-Fi, users 25 and 34 downloaded the most data over Wi-Fi, at 3.01 GB per month. Users 55 and older used the least, at 1.42 GB per month on Wi-Fi. – FierceWireless