Research Corner – Tablets and More Tablets

A couple of research reports have been issued today. First IDC is raising its projections for 2012 and 2013 tablet shipments, 2012 is up about five million and 2013 is up about seven million. The bigger news is that Windows tablets are projected to have rapid growth over the next four years, capturing 10.3% of the market by 2013! IDC

Second Neilsen has released data indicating 20% of homes own a tablet, less than the 30% that own a smartphone. Nielsen says that 85 percent of mobile owners use their tablet or smartphone while watching TV at least once per month, and 40 percent do so daily. Surprisingly the group with the highest tablet usage is? 55-64 yr. TechCrunch

Mobile Provides Social Media Growth for 2012

Research firm Nielsen and and consulting firm McKinsey have published a report on social media growth in 2012. Consumers now spend around 20% of their total time online using social networks on PCs, and 30% of their time online visiting social networks via mobile devices. No surprise, Facebook is the most-visited social network domestically, capturing 152.2 million visitors via PC, 78.4 million visitors using mobile apps, and 74.3 million visitors using the mobile site – Nielson

Social Network Usage Data - Nielsen/McKinsey

Social Network Usage Data – Nielsen/McKinsey