Apple Found Guilty of Patent Infringement by ITC

The International Trade Commission has found that Apple has violated one of Motorola’s 3G patents.  The other three claims Motorola filed were dismissed. The decision goes to the full commission for a final ruling in late summer – PCMag

Motorola Beats Apple in German Court Again

Apple has lost another round in Germany to Motorola in their ongoing patent fight. Apple has been banned from using iCloud and MobileMe push email as Motorola claims they infringe on its patents and will be awarded damages –  WSJ

Tivo Returns to Patent Fight

Just when it appeared that Tivo had left the patent lawsuit pool, they dropped a suit against Microsoft last week, it jumps right back in with two new suits. Motorola Mobility, now owned by Google, and Time Warner Cable are Tivo’s targets this time, going after them with the infamous “Time shifting of multimedia” patent – Forbes

Andy Rubin on Moto’s Future

Andy Rubin at MWC has discussed what Moto will be focusing on, selling more tablets specifically. He also explained how the two firms will have a “Firewall” between them to assure other phone manufacturers the planing field is level. As an Android user, I am not sure if that is a good idea? Thoughts?

Andy Rubin on Moto focus – TheVerge

Andy Rubin on “Firewall” – TheVerge

The Patent Wars – German Edition

The Patent Wars continue in mobile devices. Today’s battle takes us to Germany where was enjoined from selling Apple devices online for some time. Since Apple was the initiator or the war, it is nice to see them lose a round, I wonder if the firms involved understand the only winners in this war are the IP attorneys? More – Engadget