Apple Loses Another Round With The USPTO

Apple has lost another round with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) late yesterday. The Office ruled in against Apple regarding the a patent which covers an iPhone or iPad’s ability to tell if the user is using one or more fingers in a gesture on the screen. This does not mean Apple loses it, but they will have to submit an answer to defend why they should keep it. Samsung has notified Judge Koh of the USPTO’s rejection as the patent was used in the ongoing Apple v Samsung case. – GigaOM


Apple v. Samsung Update

As we reported last week, Apple and Samsung are back in Judge Koh’s court. Apple requested 26 Samsung products, which the jury ruled infringed on Apple patents, be permanently ban from sale in the US. Judge Koh denied that request, stating Apple had not proven the revenue loss to a satisfactory level. Samsung was also dealt a setback as its request for a new trial was turned down by the Judge – Digital Trends

Apple v. Samsung Returns to Court

Apple and Samsung return to Judge Koh’s courtroom this morning. Each side will petition for the court to reverse issues the jury ruled against them on in trial. Apple will ask for more damages, possibly $500 million more, and Samsung will ask for a reduction. Samsung is also expected to petition for a retrial. Details as they become available – WSJ