Japan’s Softbank Trying to Purchase Sprint

Rumors have been floating around the Internet since late last even that Softbank, a large Japanese VC and number 2 cell phone firm in Japan, is looking to acquire Sprint. The rumors have been confirmed by Sprint that it is in “advanced talks” with Softback. A few days ago it was again rumored that Sprint would bid on MetroPCS which has a merger agreement with T-Mobile. The price for a sprint sale could be in the $12 Billion area – WSJ

Panasonic and Canon Factories in China Suspend Operations

We don’t normally get into political issues in the blog, but sometimes political does its best to spill over into technology. China and Japan are having a dispute over amongst other things an island group Japanese call the Senkaku Islands,¬†and the Chinese call the Diaoyu Islands. The effect is Chinese citizens have demonstrated and sabotaged operations at the Panasonic and Canon factories in China. The firms have shut down operations for the week. More to come – TechCrunch

US Becomes Top Mobile Ad Market

We find this hard to believe, but the US is NOT the top mobile ad market, Japan is. This is changing, by the end of 2012 the US will become the top mobile ad market according to research firm eMarketer. The firm is predicting mobile ad spending worldwide at $6.43 billion in 2012. Mobile internet advertising spending in the US, will grow 96.6% to $2.29 billion in 2012, up from $1.16 billion last year – GigaOM