Internet Speeds Rise – All Rejoice!

Akamai has released its quarterly l data on global internet access speeds. Average speed worldwide is up 14% since Q3 2011 and almost 25% since early 2011. For the bad news, the US ranks 8th in peak speeds with 28.7 Mbps. Best place to live for fast internet access? Hong Kong with a peak 49.3 Mbps link speed – Engadget

Bringing Cheap Internet Access to American Samoa

Where is the most expensive broadband Internet access in America? Rural Maine? New Mexico Desert? WRONG, American Samoa. Prices for 256Kbps, up and down, service costs $75 per month with do data limits. The US Territory has less than 60,000 residents which makes the prospect of bringing cheaper higher speed access, current download rates average 66Kbps, an economic challenge – Engadget