Samsung Develops File System for NAND Flash

Samsung has developed a file system optimized for NAND Flash storage. F2FS  (“Flash-Friendly File-System”) is based on a log-structured method, but could be used on rotating media, i.e. spinning hard discs. Samsung isn’t patenting this development, in fact they have sent it to the Linux community for inclusion in the Linux kernel meaning it could be built into Android sometime in the future – Phoronix

Western Digital Develops 5MM Hard Drive

Western Digital has develop a 5mm hybrid hard drive. The drive has a 500 GB platter and flash memory. Acer and Asus have expressed interest for use in Ultrabooks. No performance specifications, release date, or pricing was released.  – Engadget

Adobe Announces Android 4.0 is End of Flash

Adobe announced a while back that  Flash support would be ending for Android eventually as it sees the future in HTML5. The formal end has been announced, Adobe will NOT support Flash on the newly announced Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, and will no longer offer Flash APK via the Google Play store as of August 15th. Stock up now! Engadget