The Morning Dump – Feb 29th

Happy Leap Day to whoever is buying Yahoo. The Morning Dump – BI

New Ethernet Standard Set, Terabit Loses

The IEEE has decided on a next generation Ethernet standard, 802.3-2012. While it encompass a whole bunch of really technical data the key metric for us basic users is 400 Gbps, that is the transmission rate the new standard will support. If you remember from our article a couple of weeks ago, there were two competing standards 1Tbps and 400 Gbps and alas the slower standard has won – Engadget

IEEE Developing Next Ethernet Standard

IEEE has a meeting schedule in September to begin work on higher speed Ethernet standards. The Higher-Speed Ethernet Consensus group will decide between a 400Gbps and 1Tbps standard. The IEEE expects the amount of bandwidth required to raise 100-fold every 10 years, hence why higher speed standards are needed. Look forward to buying new cables and routers to implement – The Verge