Mobile App Review – Chief Product Officer

I have joined Bytesfrombit blog to review mobile apps. I have over a decade working in technology product management and another decade working in corporate finance and strategy. My unique and diverse background gives me the ability to review both the mobile app and the strategy of the firm developing the app.

We will be taking critical eye to the app from the perspective of both the user and product manager. Analysis will also be from both perspectives. Product managers are the “CEO of a product” They are responsible for all facets of a product; features, functionality, marketing, finance and implementation.

The review will conclude with a rating from one of three options

Rejected – App has too many bugs or firm has issues

Need Work – App basically works with some bugs

Good to Go  – App functionality works

I look forward to getting suggestions for app to review, please tweet them to @bytesfrombits
The Chief Product Officer – CPO