X-51A Waverider to Fly Again in 2013

The US Military’s attempt to fly at Mach 6, X-51A Waverider which crashed in an August test flight, will fly again next year. No specific date has been announced, but people running the project have discussed a spring or summer attempt. The aircraft did achieve Mach 4.8 before a stabilization fin caused it to break-up – Slashgear

Boeing X-51A Breaks Up During Test Flight

Boeing’s test flight of its experimental hypersonic X-51A WaveRider didn’t last long. The plane broke apart about 15 second into flight due to a faulty fin. The craft didn’t stay in flight long enough to test the scram jet engine which was to push the test plane to Mach 6. Crashing was the intended way for the flight to terminate, just not quite so early. No word on the timing for the next test flight – Inhabitat

Chinese Fly New Stealth Fighter

The Chinese Air Force has flown its Stealth fighter – J-20 Might Dragon 2002. This is the second airframe of the J-20 series. The plane is built in China, but uses Russian engines as the Chinese have not been able to master military engine technology. While this might sound a little scary, normal fighter develop timeline would indicate this plane to be operational in the 2017-2020 time frame at the earliest – Wired