ARM Releases New Chip for Internet Devices

ARM, whose CPUs power most smartphones sold today, has released a new line of chips targeting internet devices. Cortex-M0+(Not my first choice) will according to ARM “The processor has been optimized to deliver ultra low-power, low-cost MCUs for intelligent sensors and smart control systems in a broad range of applications including home appliances, white goods, medical monitoring, metering, lighting and power and motor control devices.” – GigaOM

Need More Bandwidth? Go Terahertz

With the current spectrum all sliced up and virtually no free spectrum available, what is the world to do? Thanks to research performed at the University of Pittsburgh, a physical basis for terahertz bandwidth (THz, or 1 trillion cycles per second) has been created. This slice, the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between infrared and microwave light could generate abundant bandwidth and dramatically faster systems. – Engadget

People Tired of Online Advertisements?

Upstream, a mobile marketing firm, has commissioned a study to gauge people’s tolerance for online advertising. Surprisingly, people feel they are too many online ads. 66% said they shown too many ads. Users are  not clicking on ads at the rate they did 15 years ago. Click through rates are down to about .1% for an average online ad – TechCrunch

Data Visualization

Many people gain concepts better via pictures rather than numbers. The vast amounts of data collected by firms online must be translated into something senior management can use to make better business decisions. The need to convert this data into visual format has created a demand for people skilled in data visualization. We have linked to a couple of excellent article covering the How and Why’s of Visualization.

Why data visualization Matters – Julie Steele

How to create a visualization – Pete Warden