Customer Service Profile – Failure at Best Buy

We don’t spend enough time discussing technology customer service, we have done a couple of app reviews and those will continue going forward.

Today we document a customer service fail at Best Buy. One of our staff in California went to a Best Buy on Saturday to buy a couple items with gift cards he received. He went to check out asking the clerk to ring the items seperately as he had two gift cards he wanted to redeem, one for each item and then cash out the remaining few dollars afterward as allowed by California state law. The clerk rings both items up and deducts the amount from the first gift card, contrary to the customer’s instructions. He again explains the process, she voids the transaction and then ring up the first item and then scans the gift card. She then repeats the process with the same gift card, again in error. He AGAIN explains to her the steps and where she went wrong and now she says she isn’t allowed to cash out the remaining balance on a gift card, which is both wrong and a violation of California consumer protection law.


She requests a manager and after about five minutes an assistant manager, Dave, arrives. She says the customer wants to cash out the remaining gift card balance, less than $5. The manager looks confused and doesn’t know how to do that and asks the customer to move to the other side of the store to work out the problem while spending more time on it. Once at the “Service Center” the manager stares at the POS system and can’t figure out what to do. The customer asks for a another manager as Dave clearly doesn’t know the law nor can figure out how to complete the transaction. He asks another cashier how tell the customer he can only cash out a gift card if he has the original receipt from when he bought it, which is wrong and illegal. After about 20 minutes the customer leaves without completing the transaction, but with his gift card balance debited by the charges incurred and with a very bad taste in his mouth from Best Buy’s incompetence.

We encourage others who have had similarly had their legal rights violated by Best Buy to contact us and urge everyone to forward this post to Best Buy or their state’s Attorney General.


Jawbone Big Jambox – Review

We don’t do too many product reviews, you can usually find them all over the Internet. Jawbone is the maker of possibly the best Bluetooth headset. They have extended their noise cancelling and speaker technology into speakers for cell phones. In 2010 they launched the Jambox speaker and now the go bigger with the Big Jambox for $299. Yes it is pricey but read the review and decide for yourself  – Engadget