X-51A Waverider to Fly Again in 2013

The US Military’s attempt to fly at Mach 6, X-51A Waverider which crashed in an August test flight, will fly again next year. No specific date has been announced, but people running the project have discussed a spring or summer attempt. The aircraft did achieve Mach 4.8 before a stabilization fin caused it to break-up – Slashgear

BMW M5 vs. Tesla Model S Drag Race

Automobile magazine has pitted a BMW M5 against a Tesla Model S in a 0-100 drag race. The M5 comes with a 500 HP twin turbo V8 while the Tesla has of course an electric motor with no gearing. We would like to see a follow-up test determining who can get from LA to San Francisco the quickest!

Watch the video for the results – Engadget

Bytes from Bits Reaches 1000 Posts

We have reached 1000 posts! We didn’t really have a thought about how long this would last when it was started over a year ago or where really where it would go. Bytes from Bits knew there are many tech stories out there that didn’t get the coverage we thought they deserved along with publishing some original content on M&A and Yahoo strategy.  Hopefully we have enlightened those who have read this blog over the last 999 posts. The blog is always looking for ideas or comments on what you would like to see or not see, please let us know!


IKEA to be LED only by 2016

IKEA, the Swedish retail giant popular with hipsters domestically, has announced a plan to sell only LED based lighting by 2016. This will also include all 1 million plus light fixtures in its stores being converted to LED. IKEA in the past has announced it would phase out incandescent lighting, get rid of plastic bags, put solar panels on its rooftops and require customers to dress like Johnny Depp, okay we made the last one up – GigaOM

Self Cleaning Cars?

Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology have developed a car costing which might cars self cleaning. Current scratch resistant coatings repel dirt and water, but over time they will get dirty. The team says this could lead to coatings that remain highly water-resistant for longer, which in turn could lead to a truly “self-cleaning” cars. With these new coatings, water droplets would simply roll off the car, taking any dirt present with them – SlashGear

Captivating Time Lapse Photos From ISS

ISS Astronaut Don Pettit wanted to take some long exposure photos from the ISS. He unfortunately found that the camera he had to work with only worked well with a 30 sec exposure. Using NASA’s “Can-Do” attitude, he took a series of the 30m exposures and using software created the photo below. More are at the link – Smithsonian