BMW M5 vs. Tesla Model S Drag Race

Automobile magazine has pitted a BMW M5 against a Tesla Model S in a 0-100 drag race. The M5 comes with a 500 HP twin turbo V8 while the Tesla has of course an electric motor with no gearing. We would like to see a follow-up test determining who can get from LA to San Francisco the quickest!

Watch the video for the results – Engadget

1 thought on “BMW M5 vs. Tesla Model S Drag Race

  1. Actually, an L.A. to San Francisco run would be a fair test. The Tesla SuperCharger network is set up for exactly that trip. If you limited everyone to posted limits and mandate a lunch stop the Tesla would probably get to Frisco at the same time.

    If you let them run straight through and do what they want, the bimmer will probably be able to get there an hour quicker. Of course right now with gas costing ~$5/gallon in California it will cost the M5 driver ~$120 to make the trip and the Tesla driver will have to pay ~$8 to fill up the battery at home and then get free SuperCharging on the highway.

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