The Morning Dump – September 27th

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Kickstarter and Obsolescence

Kickstarter is a great place for new products to get funding and visibility. The site has funded thousands of products and ideas. Though what happens when a product becomes obsolete before it is even delivered? One example is Une Bobine is a iPhone cable that is strong enough to use as an iPhone “stand”. The problem is the cable is beginning to ship now after being funded on Kickstarter, but Apple has changed the adapter. The Une Bobine will not work as designed with the iPhone 5 – TechCrunch

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JEDEC Sets DDR4 Standards

JEDEC, The Joint Electron Device Engineering Council, has finalized the standard for DDR4 memory. The DDR4 per-pin data rate standard is 1.6 gigatransfers per second (GT/s) at the minimum and 3.2 GT/s at the high-end, which hopefully will be surpassed as it was when production DDR3 modules were released. Speeds will begin at 2133MHz and will run on less energy – Engadget

How Google Drove Self-Driving Cars To Legality in CA

Google has been able to, by using its corporate clout, drive a bill though the California Assembly and Senate which is now awaiting Gov. Brown’s signature, legalizing self-driving cars in California. Deputy chief of staff to former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger “It was a powerful effort that they put together,” according to Rob Stutzman, Deputy chief of staff to former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, “They picked a powerful author. They clearly lobbied the governor’s administration as well.” says Stutzman who represents carmakers that opposed the bill – BayCitizen