Verizon Agrees to Stop blocking Tethering Apps – FCC

Verizon has settled with the FCC regarding its blocking of tethering apps, like PDA Net. Verizon agreed to pay the FCC $1.25 million for the FCC to end isn’t investigation. According to the FCC; Verizon Wireless offers customers its 4G LTE service on C Block spectrum. Verizon Wireless bid at auction to acquire that spectrum, understanding that it was accompanied by open device and application obligations. Specifically, licensees offering service on C Block spectrum “shall not deny, limit, or restrict the ability of their customers to use the devices and applications of their choice on the licensee’s C Block network,”

This is a good day for consumers as Verizon MUST allow users acess to tethering apps in the play store and not make them pay $20 a month for the “right” to use their own data!


Mobile App Marketing Costs Rise, Shake-out Coming?

The monetization and distribution network for app developers, W3i has released average cost per install data for the first half of 2012. The average cost per install for Android has risen from 30 cents in January to 51 cents at the end of June. The costs for iOS over the same time frame rose from 59 cents to 92 cents. The recent Sparrow sale to Google may be an example of a coming shake-out for mobile app developers –TechCrunch

Technology and the Olympics

We are sure everyone enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies on Friday even, though weren’t happy about the five to eight hour delay NBC imposed. There are a number of articles covering how technology is effecting the Olympics and NBC’s efforts to make a profit after paying the IOC $1.2 Billion plus production costs.

Engadget – Olympics and old media

TechCrunch Reporter Critical of NBC’s coverage has Twitter account suspended

paidContent – Volume of tweets effects Olympics coverage

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Venture Capital Trends

Tom Tunguz principal at Redpoint Ventures has put together an overview on VC trends. There was a massive shake-out of firms in 2001 and 2002, but since then the number of firm has been relatively stable at about 200. The number of VC investments in the last few years is flat at about 3,500 and the amount invested is about $32 billion annually – TechCrunch