Nightcap – June 29

Personalization is covered in The Nightcap – Radar


DHS Drone Hacked by UT Students

Think those drone plane are safe from hacking? NOPE. There is a rumor of Iran taking control of a US drone a few months ago, but this time it is confirmed and documented. Students from University of Texas’ Aeronautics program were able to spoof GPS receivers to take control of the drone. No word if the students and their parents have been audited for the last 20 years – SlashGear

Mobile Commerce Weekly

NFC security and Girl Scouts e-commerce are covered in The Mobile Commerce Weekly – Radar


Adobe Announces Android 4.0 is End of Flash

Adobe announced a while back that  Flash support would be ending for Android eventually as it sees the future in HTML5. The formal end has been announced, Adobe will NOT support Flash on the newly announced Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, and will no longer offer Flash APK via the Google Play store as of August 15th. Stock up now! Engadget


The Morning Dump – June 29th

If you don’t read The Morning Dump the Feds will tax you – paidContent


Nightcap – June 28

Peer to Peer commerce is covered in The Nightcap – Radar


How NASA Cut Apollo Program After 13

Wired has an interesting insight into how NASA wound down the Apollo missions by axing Apollo 20 and one other mission so NASA could move focus to the Skylab program and save money to continue the Kennedy/Johnson war in Vietnam – Wired