Public Genomics Database

The way clinical trails are conducted and the data they collect are about the change. A new consent form, Portable Legal Consent has been created to allow your genomic data to become part of a new public database. The goal, if you sign the form, is that any time your genetic data is collected for a test or clinical trial, the genetic data will be sent anonymously to the database to help researches find cures for diseases. The consent is anonymous, but mistakes happen, so if you have any concern, don’t sign it. For those less concerned, the database hopes to collect 25,000 donors the first year, but will need at least 10 times as many to be useful. Think of it as one of the longest term big data projects ever – The Economist.

End of Android OS?

Droid Life, a leading blog covering the Android phone scene, has an interesting article wondering if the end of the Android OS is near. The reason behind this piece are a number of articles on Business Insider recently detailing that Apple and iOS are dominating the tablet market. The only android tablet with any market acceptance is the Kindle Fire which has a highly customized version of Android. Our take on the lack of Android tablet success is the OS wasn’t initially optimized for tablets when first released and the hardware manufacturers thought they could charge Apple sized prices which again weren’t practical. Our belief on tablet pricing; the device has functionality between a smartphone and a laptop and should be priced as such. A 10 inch Android tablet should be priced between $229 and $349. Thoughts?

Droid Life