Customers -1 Verizon – 0

In what might be out final blog post of 2011, Verizon has decided to rescind the $2 payment fee it was going to implement in Jan. 2012. While this is a small victory, it is one none the less for consumers. Good to see what change public outrage can bring when channeled appropriately. More Slashgear


Taleo Processed 15% of New Hires in 2011

Taleo, the saas based talent and recruitment software solutions firm, processed approximately 3.1 new hires in 2011, or about 15% of all new hires in the US. This is the second largest number of saas based transactions, behind only The recent acquisitions of two of its competitors by Oracle and SAP leaves Taleo in a interesting position, does it try to go it alone, or find a partner to work with or look to sell the firm? 2012 will tell.

Taleo is working to move its recruitment software into the social media areas, more from TechCrunch

Five Predictions for Online Video in 2012

Peter Csathy, CEO at Sorenson media has made five predictions for online video in 2012. Since these predictions are free they are usually worth what you paid for them, which is not a comment on Mr Csathy’s knowledge.

I am skeptical that Apple’s iTV will be the revolution in TV that the iPad was for tablets. TVs have become a commodity business and yes iTV will sell well with the Apple faithful and yes, Steve Jobs was a genius. He also create NeXT and to continue his string of successes posthumously with iTV,  I think is too much to ask.

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