Steve Jobs’ Final Message

It’s the last One More Thing.

More time to really comprehend Steve Jobs’ genius is one of the great losses we all must cope with given the all-too-young demise of Apple’s co-founder. Heck, after getting through only a third of the Walter Isaacson biography, it’s pretty clear that even Jobs might have come to a better understanding of the delights and demons that drove him had he lived to a ripe, old, philosophical age.

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Startup School and the Instigation of Entrepreneurship

2011 Startup School at Stanford

2011 Startup School at Stanford

If you’ve ever met Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston of Y Combinator (YC), you quickly realize that the incubator they run is like a family and they are its attentive parents. They have managed to put a very human face on venture capital, one that appeals to young engineers during their most insecure stage: when they have just begun, or are still deciding whether to begin, their lives as entrepreneurs.