Tivos Settles Patent Dispute with Verizon

Tivo has been in almost as many patent suits as Apple, but it is usually about protecting its IP. In the latest action against Verizon, think FIOS, Tivo has settled for about $100 million cash immediately and $150 million in payments over the next six years for use of its technology in Verizon’s FIOS boxes. Tivo settled with AT&T for $215 million and Dish for $500 million last year. It still has a pending suit against Motorola. Engadget

Tivo Returns to Patent Fight

Just when it appeared that Tivo had left the patent lawsuit pool, they dropped a suit against Microsoft last week, it jumps right back in with two new suits. Motorola Mobility, now owned by Google, and Time Warner Cable are Tivo’s targets this time, going after them with the infamous “Time shifting of multimedia” patent – Forbes