Google Settles Suit with Immersion

Google is involved in a number of lawsuits related to Android and its Motorola purchase. They have settled the suit with Immersion covering haptic feedback. No word on how much Google agreed to pay for its Motorola unit’s past patent violations, but the agreement does include licensing fees for usage going forward – Engadget

Apple Google Patent Suit in WI Tossed by Judge

Federal Judge Barbara B. Crabb on Monday tossed out Apple’s lawsuit against Google over unfair practices. The Judge decided she did not have the legal authority to hear the case. Apple is suing over the Motorola patents it acquired when Google acquired the phone manufacturer and Google’s demands for licensing fees from those patents. To be continued… New York Times

Eric Schmidt Shares Android Stats

Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, gave an update today on Android users and daily activation in New York City at the Motorola event. According to Schmidt, Android is activating 1.3 million devices daily, including 70,000 tablet. The total Android devices worldwide is almost 500 million and has grown by 80 million in the last 60 days – Engadget

Apple and Motorola Settle in Germany

Apple and Motorola have made peace in Germany. Motorola had won a judgement against Apple recently in Germany for patent infringement, but has agreed to license all patent in question to Apple. There was no mention of fees involved for the patent, but we do know Apple also admitted guilt in using the patents, wifi and video codecs, without  license in the past. Will we soon see Apple and Samsung executives walking hand in hand down Campbell Ave? Unlikely but hopefully this is the start of a trend – Engadget